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Parallel Lines


Here you can find some of my previous projects, I've had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients across various industries, and I've consistently delivered successful outcomes.
I'm committed to delivering high-quality work, meeting project goals, and ensuring client satisfaction.

Gaming Channel Logo

A transition segment between commercials for TV gaming channel.

Fair app Mobile animation

A combination of 3D and 2 elements for different actions on the phone app and website.

Match Masters Championship

video for gaming app combining various elements including compositing of green screen elements VFX cleanup and fine tuning.

Euphoria Movie

Creating 3D environment and ingrate it with compositing for live action shots.


Playtika - Censers slots

Part of an animation for their new game.

Impactory - animation for their website

funding and innovation company.

Amdocs -BOA 2023

Adding 3D ribbon with the brand color scheme for enhance and captivating image.


SWHK - Sweetheart Kitchen

Ghost Kitchen Delivery platform.

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